Snakebite MitigationCrocodile Conflict MitigationUrban Wildlife Rehabilitation

Snakebite Mitigation

Training rural communities in snake-bite prevention, and management.


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Crocodile Conflict Mitigation

Working inclusively with people who share habitats with crocodiles.


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Urban Wildlife Rehabilitation

Working extensively on rehabilitation of injured, ill, displaced and orphan wildlife.


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Our allies

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with several organizations and individuals engaged in tremendous efforts towards wildlife conservation. Their achievements are impressive and yet they strive to do better. They inspire us every day.

MCBT is premier organization working for conservation of reptiles and amphibians, and their habitats through education, scientific research and captive breeding. Its core operations include both in-situ and ex-situ components. MCBT has two permanent field stations facilitating several conservation initiatives and the zoo maintains assurance colonies of several endangered reptile species.

TGMP is a conservation entrepreneurship, with a philosophy of inclusion and community led conservation. Bringing together skills in wildlife rescue, education and training, TGMP works concertedly at developing umbrella solutions for communities living in or near rural and wilderness areas. It is based out of Bengaluru and Hunsur in Karnataka.

VNC, located in Vallabh Vidyanagar town of Gujarat has been actively working since its inception in 1988. It has been its mission to educate the masses, and to spread awareness about the crucial need for environmental protection.

JCT is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat It provides medical care to unowned domestic animals, and runs a scientific rehabilitation centre for wild birds and small mammals.

ITW is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is focused on enhancing environmental literacy and responsible citizenship through community building. Currently, they conduct habitat monitoring, facilitate curriculum based outdoor learning for our school partners and are working on developing an all India snake safety awareness programme called Living with Snakes.