Snakebite MitigationCrocodile Conflict MitigationUrban Wildlife Rehabilitation

Snakebite Mitigation

Training rural communities in snake-bite prevention, and management.


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Crocodile Conflict Mitigation

Working inclusively with people who share habitats with crocodiles.


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Urban Wildlife Rehabilitation

Working extensively on rehabilitation of injured, ill, displaced and orphan wildlife.


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Snake hooks and baggers for sale in India

Thinking of upgrading your snake rescue kit? NAJA India’s Snake Hooks and Baggers now available. Check them out:¬† Shipping anywhere in India. Get in touch to book your set:  

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Bronze-winged jacana

Bronze-winged jacanas have long legs, and elongated toes and claws that spread their weight over a large area and allow them to inhabit floating and emergent aquatic vegetation in freshwater wetlands. Did you know? Bronze-winged jacanas have highly developed sex-role reversal and polyandry! Jacanas show more extreme reversed sexual size dimorphism than any other group…

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Snakebite awareness in rural schools of Silvasa

14 December 2017 NAJA Task Force volunteers in association with NGO Kartavya, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Mumbai & Vapi conducted a massive snakebite awareness program for rural school children in Silvasa, capital of UT of Dadra and Nagar Haveli.   Over 1500 children from schools of Gujarati, Hindi, and Marathi mediums of Government Sarvottam Upper…

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Human Crocodile Coexistence

Coexistence is a beautiful thing. Yes those are crocs (Crocodylus palustris) in the background. No, it is not considered a big deal here. Nobody freaks out. The coexistence of local communities and crocs here in Charotar is a fine example of sharing habitats and respecting each other. All credits go to the communities here AND…

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