Snakebite MitigationCrocodile Conflict MitigationUrban Wildlife Rehabilitation

Snakebite Mitigation

Training rural communities in snake-bite prevention, and management.


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Crocodile Conflict Mitigation

Working inclusively with people who share habitats with crocodiles.


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Urban Wildlife Rehabilitation

Working extensively on rehabilitation of injured, ill, displaced and orphan wildlife.


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The team

Soham Mukherjee

Soham Mukherjee

Soham with his favourite Ally – an American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)

Soham worked as a wildlife rehabilitator at Animal Help Foundation from 2003 to 2008 in his hometown of Ahmedabad, India, working mainly with native reptiles, birds and small mammals. He, together with his wife Akanksha worked on standard guidelines for wildlife rehabilitation of native species of Ahmedabad. Later he worked as Assistant Curator at the Centre for Herpetology/Madras Crocodile Bank Trust from 2008 to 2010. The centre is well known for conservation breeding of threatened and endangered species. He also developed enrichment and behavioral training programs for crocodilians and other reptiles. In 2011 he conducted several field biology and herpetology workshops at The Gerry Martin Project and was a part of field expeditions for venom research. Between 2012 and 2014 he worked as a consultant to Humane Society International for conservation projects and for training personnel in animal management in several facilities in South and Southeast Asia. Between 2013 and 2015. He assisted in capturing gharials in National Chambal Sanctuary for Gharial Ecology Project – a conservation research project using telemetry, and coordinated tracking of radio-tagged animals in 2015-16. In 2017 he worked as a Programme Director at a wildlife rehabilitaion centre in Ahmedabad. He is a member of IUCN SSC Viper Specialist Group, and IUCN SSC Crocodile Specialist Group.

He currently works as a herpetologist and wildlife biologist at NAJA India based in Ahmedabad. His current projects are:

  1. Human-crocodile conflict mitigation (Gujarat).
  2. Snake-bite mitigation (Gujarat).
  3. Roadkill Mitigation for Indian rock pythons and other wildlife (Gujarat).
  4. Biodiversity assessment in Tillari Bioregion (Western Ghats).
  5. Herpetofaunal assessment in Arunachal Pradesh.

He also carries out wildlife management training across India, and runs herpetology expeditions in the jungle mountains of Northeast India and Western Ghats.


Akanksha Mukherjee

Akanksha is a trained wildlife rehabilitator working extensively with birds and small mammals since 2005. She began her professional career at Animal Help Foundation, Ahmedabad, where she worked with Soham on the first set of standard guidelines for native wildlife. She specializes in hand-raising and rehabilitation of orphan birds and bats, and has vast experience in working with injured birds, small and large. She worked as an Environment Educator at Sundarvan Nature Park, Ahmedabad in 2007-08 and later at Centre for Herpetology/Madras Crocodile Bank Trust from 2008 – 2010. Between 2011 and 2015 she worked as a Curator at various private animal collections and farm animal sanctuary.

She currently works as a Consultant Curator at a wildlife rehabilitation center working for birds and bats in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She also advices rescue organizations and individuals on better practices.