Snakebite MitigationCrocodile Conflict MitigationUrban Wildlife Rehabilitation

Snakebite Mitigation

Training rural communities in snake-bite prevention, and management.


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Crocodile Conflict Mitigation

Working inclusively with people who share habitats with crocodiles.


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Urban Wildlife Rehabilitation

Working extensively on rehabilitation of injured, ill, displaced and orphan wildlife.


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Our volunteers

Self-motivated doers, our volunteers are our core strength. We try our best to keep them busy with various tasks that match their various skills.

Brinky Desai

From: Vapi, Gujarat (INDIA).

Skills: Community engagement, field surveys, wildlife rehabilitation.

Worked on: HCC mitigation, crocodile surveys, urban wildlife rehabilitation.

Volunteer since 2015.

Currently pursuing her master’s degree in Wildlife Conservation Action from BVIEER, Pune, India.