Snakebite MitigationCrocodile Conflict MitigationUrban Wildlife Rehabilitation

Snakebite Mitigation

Training rural communities in snake-bite prevention, and management.


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Crocodile Conflict Mitigation

Working inclusively with people who share habitats with crocodiles.


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Urban Wildlife Rehabilitation

Working extensively on rehabilitation of injured, ill, displaced and orphan wildlife.


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Workshops and Expeditions: Announcements


Arunachal Pradesh 15-22 May 2019 & Western Ghats 23-29 May 2019 

Announcing our Reptile and Amphibian Expedition in May 2019

Wild India Expeditions and NAJA India are running a herpetology expedition in two of most diverse regions in the world; the Himalayan foothills of Arunachal Pradesh and montane forests of Western Ghats. We are very excited for the expedition as we found both rare and new species of reptiles and amphibians in the same areas two years ago, so yes, you will be part of a very cool, scientific expedition!

We are running the expeditions in two different forest regions over a span of 15 days (Arunachal Pradesh: 15 to 22 May & Western Ghats: 23 to 29 May). You can participate in the entire program or if you wish, you can book for a single location too, whichever is convenient for you.

Both locations have an estimated of over 300 species of reptiles and amphibians, including many rare and endemic species, and several new species. This is an intensive level expedition so be prepared for long, tough treks in leech infested montane forests, living in tribal huts/research station, and eating basic but tasty food. While it will demand your physical best, its mesmerizing forests and the wildlife within is going to be well worth it!

For more information and booking, please write to or call on 9845620000 (Mahesh Mhangore – Wild India Expeditions).

Soham Mukherjee – herpetologist and wildlife biologist (member, IUCN SSC Viper Specialist Group & Crocodile Specialist Group) will lead the expeditions.

More information:
WhatsApp: +91-8141910008